Handmade furniture applique Roses to Embellish your Shabby Chic Cottage
Renee is a self-taught study with many interests..........

Polymer clay
My love affair with clay began many years ago, when I was  searching for a wedding cake topper.  I have no idea why I thought I could sculpt, but after playing around for a few weeks with this fascinating medium, I ended up creating John and I for our special day.  That was 22 years ago.  Since then my work with clay has been very sporadic until just recently.  But a year or so ago, I picked it up again, this time concentrating on roses.  Having my own home decorated in the shabby chic style ended up being the perfect inspiration for my work.  Now I enjoy sharing my roses with others who are looking to update their 'cottage' with a pop of pink.

My passion for paper cutting is something I've enjoyed for a very long time.  I have many found memories, from my youth, of hours spent cutting tissue paper copies of other peoples amazingly detailed work.  Today I enjoy creating my own designs of framed cut work, silhouettes and ornaments. 

Thanks to a wonderful teacher, Mr. Zecchino, I have enjoyed choir and solo singing since high school, even winning an Eastman School of Music award in 1983.

I don't know when my obsession with gardening began, probably not until my late 20s, but it's certainly something I can't imagine living without.  There is nothing like the thrill of growing your favorite plants from seed and then watching them come back year after year.  When we moved into our current home there was literally no plants.  There were a few bushes, but that's it.  Now, 10 years later it's getting hard to find grass with all the flower beds that litter my yard:) 

There's not a time I don't remember not drawing.  In fact, I still own a dresser that my parents bought when I was born.  I love it because it's only 12" deep and can go places regular depth furniture can't.  The drawers are all  full of my 'art work'.  

The most rewarding thing in my life however is my family.  A wonderful husband and two amazing children.  I'm a very lucky woman!

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